10 Iconic Money GIFs

Okay, confession. I love lists. I’ve given you lists of financial advising quotes, financial advice websites, and curveball questions to ask a financial advisor.

Some people might say that I have a list problem. I say: I can stop whenever I want.

So I decided to combine three of my favorite things: lists, GIFs, and money. I present to you: 10 iconic money GIFs.

Money GIFs

The most unforgettable money scene of all time: Scrooge McDuck defying physics and diving into a pit of money.


Like I said: physics defying. Who can forget when Family Guy updated it to be a little more realistic (and a little more gruesome)? When it comes to money GIFs, this is probably my favorite scene of all time.


For the younger crowd, maybe Scrooge McDuck is not so much your style, in which case, maybe you’re a little more familiar with Mr. Krabs and his money shower:


Did you know that money isn’t made of paper — it’s made of cotton. Sort of like a towel… Here’s how Mr. Krabs dries off after the shower:

And, for the slightly older crowd, who could forget this scene from the Jetsons? Pretty accurately sums up what it feels like to have a significant other.


And this Panda knows what it feels like to take said significant other out to dinner:



On the other hand, Tina Fey manages to capture what it feels like to be single pretty accurately in 30 Rock.


Or how about this scene from Futurama, which has burgeoned into its own internet meme.


Who could forget this scene from Zombieland where Tallahassee wipes away his tears with his money? Of all the money GIFs, this one powerfully sums up the idea of seeking comfort in money. (Although, in a zombie apocalypse, money has no value.)


Finally, this one is not so iconic — it still hits the theme of money GIFs — but here’s a GIF of a bird using an ATM. What could be better than that? Enjoy!



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