5 Best Financial Magazines For Investors

How do two of the most powerful men in the world spend their time? Reading.

How do two of the most powerful men in the world spend their time? Reading.

People are clamoring. What are they clamoring for, you ask? Stuff to read. Remember: Warren Buffet says that reading is the most important part of his job.

That’s why I wrote my post on 7 must-read financial advice websites.

But to be Buffet-level, you need to read a lot, and what if you’re not in front of a computer 24/7?

Then you need something written on a dead tree. Like a magazine. You need a list of the best financial magazines for investors.

A list like this one.

5 Best Financial Magazines for Investors

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.
–Jorge Luis Borges

5. Wall Street Journal

wallstreetjournalThe Wall Street Journal needs no introduction. According to Wikipedia, it’s the largest newspaper in the United States by circulation.

Which can be great. You know what you’re getting. Good writing, good editing — what more do you want?

Unfortunately, that’s also the WSJ’s Achilles heel. Because if you see a piece of news in the Wall Street Journal, you can bet that your grandma and all of her neighbors saw it, too.

And that means it’s probably not information that you’re going to want to trade on.

4. Investor’s Business Daily

investorsbusinessdailyInvestor’s Business Daily. Still a known brand, but not as big as the Wall Street Journal. Another bonus? It has a more specific emphasis on investing that the WSJ does — one of the primary reasons that I like it better.

Hell, “investor” is even in the title, so the articles ought to be more relevant, with coverage of stocks, mutual funds, and commodities. Plus some other more exotic stuff I’ve forgotten.

Solid choice.

3. Traders Worldtradersworld

You know how I said that I don’t like the Wall Street Journal because, once it’s been written in there, it’s too late to make any money off of something? I like Traders World for the exact opposite reason. It’s small enough that, when something is printed there, that juicy tip could still be, well, juicy.

On the other hand, its smaller size can be a bit of a problem. Expect some of the quality to suffer. And the magazine is sorta niche, given that it aims to be “the official magazine of technical analysis.”

Still, you’ve gotta dive deep if you want to out compete the rest of the market, and Traders World is that deep.

2. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

kiplingersBut there’s more to money than just investing — you know, the whole personal finance thing, like not spending all your money on really expensive olive oil. Or however football players spend it. Look, I don’t know. I’m not an athlete.

This magazine has been going strong since 1947, and I’m a fan. If you want coverage of non-super-specific stuff, (in contrast to Traders World), then check out this magazine.

1. Money Magazine

And, finally, drum-roll please: Money Magazine. As much as I want to give the number 1 spot to a tiny magazine that no one has heard of, sometimes popularity does equal quality.moneymagazine

You’re on Top Financial Advisor. You want to know about investing. Presumably, you care about your money — so why not read a magazine named after the stuff?

Okay, I’m half-joking. That’s not a great reason to pick a magazine.

You know what is a good reason? Money Magazine‘s almost 200k readers — surely they can’t all be wrong?

Pros: Good investor focus. Main con? Sometimes the headlines can be sensationalist.

You can’t go wrong with this one. Hell, you can’t go wrong with any of the magazines on this list.

Check ’em out and, hey, maybe you’ll be the next Warren Buffet.

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