The 3 Best Financial Advisor Value Proposition Examples


Ah, financial advisor value propositions. If you want to be a lead-generating machine, you need a good one, but brainstorming something original can end up as an exercise in hair-pulling.

That’s where I come in. Check out these 3 of the best financial advisor value proposition examples.

Best Financial Advisor Value Proposition Examples

3. The peace of mind approach.

One of the most memorable lines from the Frank Herbert’s 1965 classic, Dune, is “Fear is the mind-killer.” It’s so memorable because it resonates with people. Fear is the mind killer.

Why do so many advertisements prey on insecurities? Why do we care whether or not our teeth are white or if we’ve gone “nose blind”? It’s because fear and worry sells. If you can manufacture fear and a cure, you can print money.

Except with financial advising, you don’t even need to manufacture fear. Most Americans are already worried about their money. According to one Gallup poll, 59% are concerned that they won’t have enough money for retirement.

That’s where your financial advisor value proposition comes in: tell them that they can stop worrying about money, because you’ll take care of it.

Example: Worried about money? Don’t toss and turn at night. We’ll handle your finances so that you can sleep peacefully.

2. The free money approach.

One of the massive advantages of this profession is that your financial advisor value proposition is just so straightforward. Many purchases in life are not obviously a good idea — is a house really worth that much money? What about lasik? How do you put a price tag on that?

Imagine, instead, though, that someone offered to sell your 3 dollars for the price of 2 dollars — the same example I used in my A Random Walk Down Wall Street review. In such a case, that purchase would be a no-brainer. Why even think about it?

This is where how you can position your financial advisor value proposition, then. Point out that most individual investors significantly under perform the market. With your services, you can guarantee market returns, for a small fee — and then show them the calculations. Like I pointed out in my post on the true cost of a financial advisor, an extra 1% return over many years can be worth a quarter of a million dollars or more.

Thus, if you can guarantee someone more value than you capture, well, why wouldn’t they buy your services?

Example: Is your portfolio returning what it could? A one-time portfolio tune-up can be worth more than a quarter of a million dollars over the long haul. Contact us for details.

1. The envy approach.

Markets do not run on greed. They run on envy — forget love, jealousy is the force driving the world. It’s what keeps the economy moving.

When it comes to a financial advisor value proposition, you can use this to your advantage. No one wants to be reminded of the fact that other people are doing better than them. They don’t like. They want to be the one bragging about their investing skills, not the one listening to the conquests of their brother in law.

That’s where you come in. Tell people that, with your services, they can be the one bragging on the golf course.

Example:  Tired of hearing your friends brag about their great stock picks? With my help, you can be the investment guru. Contact me at XXXX.

There you have it! For more ideas on building your client base, check out 7 foolproof financial advisor prospecting ideas.

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