5 Best Financial Advisor Websites


Top Financial Advisor has you covered better than the finest camel-hair blanket.

Reading. If you want to make money, or to just plain get more out of life, you need to do it. Like I mentioned here, Warren Buffet says that his secret to success is reading.

So, that’s why, here at Top Financial Advisor, I sometimes like to create lists of great stuff to read, the latest of which are:

And, now, I’m bringing you 5 of the best financial advisor websites, because like that blanket, I’ve got you covered.

Best Financial Advisor Websites

5. Marginal Revolution

Picture of Tyler Cowen, one of the authors of Marginal Revolution.

Picture of Tyler Cowen, one of the authors of Marginal Revolution.

Marginal Revolution is my current favorite economics blog. If you want a strong understanding of markets and how money works, you need a background in economics. Just by reading Marginal Revolution, you’ll pick up tons of economic knowledge, plus jargon.

The site is updated several times each day. One of the authors’ main strengths? Sharing surprising information. Did you know, for instance, that when OkCupid removed profile photos, all metrics (except site attendance) went up? Everyone had a better time, but people stopped visiting.

…weird, right?

4. The Simple Dollar

the-simple-dollarThe Simple Dollar is just great. It covers all kinds of different financial issues. Their most recent post? Planning for Christmas.

In July.

Here’s what I like about this site: the advice is simple, down-to-earth stuff. It’s so damn practical. Almost every post has information that you can take action on right now to improve your finances.

Check it out.

3. Mr. Money Mustache


Have I mentioned that I love blogs? Yeah, I love blogs. And when it comes to blogs, I love Mr. Money Mustache.

Mr. Money Mustache is written by this dude who calls himself, yeah, you guessed it, Mr. Money Mustache. Which is super strange — only on the internet, right? But, of course,  long-term readers will know that I’m pretty strange myself.

So there’s that.

But, right, back on topic: Mr. Money Mustache is this guy who retired at the age of 30, and his whole shtick about saving more and spending less so that we can spend less time at work.

That’s a message I can get behind.

2. Oblivious Investor


Okay, I love Mr. Money Mustache, but when it comes to straight, financial advisor-style financial advice, my #2 pick is Oblivious Investor. It’s written by Mike Pipe and…

…and Mike Piper is the bomb. Seriously. I don’t know anywhere else on the web you can find the level on honesty in financial discussion he provides. Some of the best advice on this website originates from thoughts I had while reading his stuff.

Seriously, Mike is great. Check out Oblivious Investor.

1. Top Financial Advisor

But, really, when it comes to best financial advisor websites, there’s only room for one #1 in my heart, and that site is this one, Top Financial Advisor.

What can I say? When it comes to financial advice, I have a huge bias. The one I’m writing is the best — otherwise, why would I even bother writing these posts? My goal is, and always has been, to make my free content twice as good as the other guys’ paid content.

And you know what? Judging from all the topics that my co-author Austin and I have covered better than the finest blanket, I think we’re crushing that goal.

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